The CSTP card contains a photo for identification purposes.  Only digital photos in JPEG format are accepted.

CSTP ID photos should be of a similar standard to passport photos.

Digital cameras should be set to an image capture size of 3000 x 2250 pixels (about8 megapixels) or higher.

The photograph must:

  • be taken no more than six months before lodgement
  • be 45-50mm high and 35-40mm wide
  • show a close-up of the applicant’s head and the top of the shoulders such that the vertical size of the head (as measured from the bottom of the chin to the crown of the head) is between 32 and 36mm
  • be centred, clear and in sharp focus with no shadows
  • have appropriate brightness and contrast that show skin tones naturally
  • use a uniform background to provide a contrast to the face and hair.

No other person or object can be visible and the photograph must show the applicant:

  • with a neutral expression and the mouth closed
  • looking directly at the camera, eyes open and clearly visible and without hair obscuring any part of the eyes. Both edges of the face must be clearly visible.

Head coverings

Head coverings such as hats or caps are NOT permitted.

If an applicant wears a head covering for religious purposes, a photograph of the applicant wearing it will be accepted provided all facial features from bottom of the chin to top of the forehead (including both edges of the applicant’s face) are clearly shown.


Even if applicants normally wear glasses, it is recommended that they are removed for the photo. If the glasses are worn:

  • the photograph must show the eyes clearly
  • there must be NO flash reflection off the glasses
  • tinted lenses are NOT permitted
  • the frames must NOT cover any part of the eyes
  • heavy framed glasses are NOT permitted.

Facial piercings

Facial piercings such as nose rings and studs are acceptable provided

  • they are worn permanently by the applicant
  • they do NOT cause a reflection in the photograph.