All existing experienced personnel working in offshore oil and gas operations must obtain a CSTP card.  Or can complete a Safer Together experienced worker declaration as evidence they are not required to complete the ISI prior to starting work.

People who have worked in the Australian Oil and Gas E&P Industry for more than 12 months in the last 2 years can qualify as an experienced worker.

An experienced worker program is available to people who have worked at least 12 months within the last two years in the oil and gas industry.

Safer Together also provides an experienced worker certification scheme, more information is available at the Safer Together website.

If you are unsure of which training package to use, please consult your employer or training provider to find out which training package is best suited to your needs.

Experienced personnel must undergo a refresher training course and safety behaviour observation in the workplace to obtain a CSTP card.

Step 1 – Workplace observation

A supervisor will observe the worker conducting several tasks in the workplace over a period of no less than 28 days – which can be over two or more shifts – so that they can accurately complete your CSTP Experienced Worker Application.

Preferably, the application is signed off by the same supervisor. But rosters and work schedules mean this may not always be possible. Therefore, CSTP allows up to three supervisors to carry out workplace observation and sign off the CSTP Experienced Worker Application.

A copy of the application should be taken for the worker’s records and another kept for company records.

Step 2 – Submission and payment

The worker should then email a submission to [email protected] that includes:

Step 3 – Completion of experienced worker training course

The completion of a one-day experienced worker training course is required prior to the issue of a CSTP card.  This course is designed for those experienced workers actively engaged in the Oil and Gas drilling or production industry working towards attaining a CSTP and meeting the requirements of one-year active engagement within the last two years.

Course information and bookings is available from the IFAP website here

Step 4 – CSTP card issued

A CSTP card will be issued by IFAP following the completion of the one-day training course.

CSTP documents for experienced workers

CSTP documents for experienced workers