APPEA appoints the Independent Reviewer to visit workplaces, interview applicants, assess training organisations and review compliance with the requirements of CSTP. This ensures a high and consistent standard of training delivery and provides confidence that all applicants have met the required standards.

The Independent Reviewer is required to be:

  • knowledgeable about the oil and gas industry
  • experienced in assessing training program outcomes
  • independent of any training organisation and any participating workplace.

Worksite visits by the Independent Reviewer

The Independent Reviewer may contact organisations to arrange an appropriate time for a site-based review.

This review can include examining workplace observation checklists, reviewing evidence supporting decisions to offer recognition of prior learning to experienced workers and evaluating the systems used to record CSTP and relevant training information.

The audit is often used to provide the opportunity for supervisors to discuss aspects of the program.

Following the visit, a report is provided to the audited organisation. A copy is then forwarded to the CSTP Industry Advisory Group.